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Why Growell H R

We act differently – we are creative and pragmatic in solution generation.

We customize our services as per the client requirement.

We enable you to think differently about your approach to H R

Our aim as one of the India’s leading H R outsourcing companies is to make your job easier and more effective. We take away the strain of looking after your people, while you concentrate on looking after the growth of your organization.

We aim to empower you and your managers, not take away your control. We truly want to be viewed as an extension to your core team; either working alongside your in-house personnel department, or as your outsourced H R facility.

Growell H R work closely with your managers to instigate processes which will make your people feel happier and help them work more efficiently; we ensure that your personnel systems are up to date, stable and secure; and our aim is to make sure that you never fall foul of employment law requirements.

At Growell H R, we believe that managing people effectively is a form of art, which requires a set of abilities you may or may not already have. Growell H R can help by either assisting your own human resource professionals or by acting as your outsourced H R department. Or, if you need H R consultancy with regards to employment law, H R management or professional skills training, etc.